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.Net 9 : Exciting news in the world of C# and .NET! Following the successful release of .NET 8, Microsoft wastes no time and has already rolled out the first preview of .NET 9, giving us a glimpse into its ambitious vision for the future.

The key focus areas for .NET 9 include:

Productivity enhancements: Developers can look forward to new features in Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code, thanks to .NET Aspire, which aims to elevate the developer experience and streamline workflows.

Intelligent app development: .NET 9 aims for deeper integration with AI capabilities, providing developers access to OpenAI and OSS models through libraries and documentation, empowering them to create smarter applications.

Cloud-native development: Expect enhanced support for Kubernetes, managed database, and caching services like Redis, along with streamlined deployment processes tailored for cloud environments.

Performance and security: With continuous investments in optimizing performance and ensuring robust security measures, .NET 9 promises improved efficiency and fortified defenses against threats.

Enhanced JSON Serialization capabilities

In .NET 9, System.Text.Json gets a boost with enhanced JSON Serialization capabilities. This includes an array of improvements such as new options tailored for JSON serialization, the introduction of a singleton for web default serialization, and the addition of methods like CountBy and AggregateBy aimed at optimizing LINQ operations for greater efficiency. These enhancements promise smoother and more efficient handling of JSON data within your applications.

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In terms of specifics, .NET 9 is currently in its Preview stage, with features being iteratively developed and added. You can dive into the roadmap and download the preview from the official website and GitHub repository.

The final release of .NET 9 is slated for November 2024 at .NET Conf, marking a significant milestone for the C# and .NET community.

For more detailed information on the focus areas, including DATAS GC improvements for ASP.NET Core applications and other exciting developments, check out Microsoft’s blog post and additional resources:

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