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    Exploring C# Record vs Class 2024

    Introduction Record vs Class c# : Understanding the nuances between C# record vs class is essential for crafting efficient and maintainable code. In this blog post, we’ll dive into the distinctions between these two constructs, examining their features, use cases, and performance implications through practical examples. Whether you’re a seasoned C# developer or just starting, mastering the differences between record vs class will enable you to make better design decisions in your projects. What is Class in C#? In C#, classes serve as blueprints for creating objects. They encapsulate data and behavior, offering flexibility and extensibility in your codebase. Let’s consider a classic example of a Person class: In this…

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    Check out whats new features are coming in .Net 9

    .Net 9 : Exciting news in the world of C# and .NET! Following the successful release of .NET 8, Microsoft wastes no time and has already rolled out the first preview of .NET 9, giving us a glimpse into its ambitious vision for the future. The key focus areas for .NET 9 include: Productivity enhancements: Developers can look forward to new features in Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code, thanks to .NET Aspire, which aims to elevate the developer experience and streamline workflows. Intelligent app development: .NET 9 aims for deeper integration with AI capabilities, providing developers access to OpenAI and OSS models through libraries and documentation, empowering them to…